Behind The Scenes – Molto Amore

4:30 a.m. is an early call time especially when someone has to travel 40 minutes from the city to get to the lake. We’ll do anything for the best light though. July 29th started with a rain shower that turned into cloud cover which left no room for a sunrise. After shooting our first scene on the shore, we noticed that our production boat had floated away fromĀ the dock, so Austin had to dive in to retrieve it. As the morning pressedĀ on, the clouds stayed overhead. We had Joseph and Kat row the canoe back into what we call the “Lotawana Everglades.” We coined the term because the area is notorious for housing various reptiles and huge fish. We followed them back to get the final shot, when the canoe became unbalanced and flipped them into the swamp. After we pulled them out and dumped the water from the canoe, we called it a day.

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